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Fitting Instructions

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Fitting Instruction - Parts for Powakaddy

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Axle Blocks

Axle Blocks & Battery Tray

Axle Removal

Clutch Removal

Clutch Testing


Digital Encoder

Dummy Clutches

EDF Conversion

Freeway Axle

Freeway Controller

Freeway Gearbox

Freeway Handle Wire

Freeway II Axle

Freeway II Gearbox

Freeway LSD Gearbox

Freeway EMD Motor Brushes

Highway Central Tube

Highway Axle

Interconnect Plug

Jack Plug & Cable

Legend Jack Plug Socket

Legend Controller

Legend Gearbox

Legend or Classic Pot

Low Level Motor Brushes

Lower Central Tube

Middle Central Tube

Motor EMD Low Level

Potentiometer EDF

Potentiometer EDF EBS

Potentiometer Standard

Trolley Tidy

Twin Front Wheels

Two Part Bag Strap

Tyres PK White Classic 215TYRE


Upper Central Tube

White Classic Controller

White Classic Motor Brushes

White Classic Pot

Fitting Instruction - Parts for Hill Billy

No instructions available if the part is not listed below


Battery Lead


Compact Plus Potentiometer

Controller Board


HiLite Brushes

Motor Lemac

Motor Lemac HiLite

Motor Brush Ring Lemac


Terrain Motor End Cap

Terrain Knuckle Joint

Torberry Plugs Re Setting

Fitting Instruction - Parts for Robokaddy

No instructions available if the part is not listed below


Axle Blocks


Remote Keypad

Rear Cross Brace

Receiver Code 255

Receiver Wiring

Transmitter Re Coding

Trolley Tidy

Twin Front Wheels



Powakaddy Clutch Testing

Powakaddy Dead or Intermittent Operation

Hill Billy Crack Noise From Wheel

Hill Billy Clutch Testing

Hill Billy Intermittent

Hill Billy Is the Switch Faulty

Hill Billy Trolley Won't Turn Off

Hill Billy Do I need A New Battery

Battery Care

Battery Charging