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We have very limited numbers of Golfstream Vision demo machines.  These units are the same specification as the new units but have been out on course as demo units and may have minor scuffsThey are fully functioning in every way and come with a full 12 months guarantee.  We can offer 18 hole or 36 hole and the battery will come with a free carry bag.  Batteries have a full 3 year guarantee.
Very limited stock so order now before it’s too late.  Picture shows a typical unit.


Game Changer 

Rarely do I find that a product brochure, press release and hype from a company have much bearing on the product, in this case, the product is better, far better, in fact this trolley is a game changer.


The first thing to say is how small it folds down, the highest part is the big wheels at the back giving you so much more room in the boot.  On checking I found that a PowaKaddy Freeway 3 was 50% taller when folded flat.  The next bit is genius, as you lift the trolley handle the whole machine locks into place in the blink of an eye, seriously way less than 1 second, compare that to a MotoCaddy!   From that point the screen jumps out at you, clear, crisp and in the brightest of sunlight is clear as day.  The tyres are something that really impressed me, super slick and super grippy too, compared to the plastic wheels these are a major improvement, very quiet over paths and car parks as well.

If you are considering a new electric golf trolley have a really good look around, check them all out carefully and compare on every level, looks, quality, features and price, the Golfstream Vision wins on every count.  The golfing press boys are also raving about it too –


What the Media Have to Say...


National Club Golfer:

“The new Vision trolley has been a few years in the making and after getting our hands on it we think it has been worth the wait.”


“Sleek, premium, classy:

“The paper-like display is fantastic, with numbers seemingly jumping off the screen. In bright sunlight it still works really well, which can't be said for some trolleys"


“…Vision of what a golf trolley should be”

“The folding mechanism is genius….”


·       Folds flatter than all main competitors’ trolleys.

·       Revolutionary Caddy White screen can be seen easily even in full sun.

·       One touch super simple fold/unfold.

·       Holds the bag beautifully without “perching” on the central beam to avoid bag wobble.

·       Non clogging front wheel housing.

·       Full livery colour swaps available.

·       Super slick high grip tyres.

·       Longer lasting tyres (5 times longer life than normal EVA).

·       Easy off main wheels.

·       Distance control function.

·       Speed increments in 0.5 to get the perfect speed to match your pace.

·       Fully programmable left handed operation.

·       Personalisation of the main screen to allow names.

·       Simplicity mode for those who don’t want the fancy extras.

·       Super quiet powerful drive train for an uninterrupted round.

·       Sleek power platform to take all popular batteries.

·       Supplied with CaddyCell LiFePO4 lithium battery as standard.

·       Magnetic hold together latch for quick and simple hold.

·       Designed in the UK for simple reliable operation.

·       Two year parts and labour guarantee, 3 years on lithium batteries.

·       Available without battery and charger if desired.

·       Folded dimensions approx. 595mm W x 285 H x 865mm L and weighs 9kg without a battery.

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Golfstream Vision Trolley (used)

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